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Chiya Amos

Music Director, Kitezh Orchestra, St. Petersburgh

Founder & Artistic Director, SENTIRE

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Amos Chiya is a Singapore-born Music Director of the Kitezh Orchestra in St. Petersburg. He is renowned for his active involvement and broad working experience in the world of opera, ballet, and symphonic conducting throughout Russia, as well as around the world. He is also the Founder of SENTIRE, a project to help the hearing and visually impaired access and enjoy the performing arts in Singapore. In addition to his acclamation as an accomplished conductor, Amos is also the Creative Advisor of the Foundation for the Arts and Social Enterprise in Singapore, a private sector-led and government-supported platform that aims to promote arts projects and socially-oriented initiatives.


Amos has marked history twice by being the first foreign conductor to open the 80th anniversary of Lkhasaran Linkhovoin Opera Festival in Russia, as well as for being the first musician to join the highest council for environmental jurists through his appointment as a Representative (Music and Culture) in the International Council for Environmental Law, carving his prominent identity in both the world of music and sustainability.

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