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For General Participants

FAQ for Core Participants click here.

1. How can I enroll for the BIBD YES! 2021 program?

  • You can register here as a paid participant.

  • Payment instructions

    • 1/ Register,

    • 2/ Pay,

    • 3/ Whats App your receipt to +673 717 4286.

  • Please transfer registration fee to: 
  • Curious Mind Enterprise

BIBD Account: 00-001-01-0124344 

Swift Code: BIBDBNBB

2. Can I join from overseas?

  • Yes! We are currently working on our payment gateway for credit card payment. However, you can TT us the fee following the instructions above. 

3. Can I register for only 1 Day?

  • Yes, but certificates will only be presented to those who have attended all 3 sessions.

  • 1 Day registration is BND 20.

  • All 3 Days registration is BND 50.

4. How is this year’s program different from last year?

  • The program will be conducted via Zoom over a 3 weeks period, instead of a 2 day physical summit. 

  • Despite the limitation, the program will actually be more interactive and you will learn deeper into each subject, as you are given time to reflect and perform further research on the topic.

5. Why do some of my friends receive free tickets and I have to pay? I would really like to attend, but cannot afford the program. What can I do?

  • Limited scholarship slots have been allocated for selected schools. Your friends may have been nominated by your school to be a scholarship participant. 

  • We are currently sourcing for scholarships for more schools. If there are extra slots, we will open the scholarship to individual scholarship applicants.

  • You can fill in the scholarship application form here to be put on our waiting list. 

6. Why are some participants required to do extra group meetings and presentations, why others don't? 

  • The program is designed for Core Participants and General Participants. 

  • Core Participants are the students involved in the 3 weeks interactive program. This program has been allocated for 180 students from MOE’s EDGE program.

  • General participation slots are the program opened for public registrations. 


7. What is the difference between General and Core Participants?
















8. If I am a CORE Participant and I do not want to attend the Asia Ability Summit Challenge, can I give the slot away to a GENERAL Participant?

  • No.

9. Why can’t you open more Core Participants slots to the public?

  • The Core Participants program is designed to have maximum interactions for optimal learning experience. It will not be possible to achieve this objective with a big group beyond 180 people.

  • General participants will be provided access to the assignment materials. They can follow the program, conduct their own small groups in their respective schools to create their own optimal learning experience.

  • The only difference is that, they will not be presenting in the main session, and will not have the access to the added mentors during their breakout meetings.

10. How do I get the most out of the BIBD YES! Program even if I’m joining as an independent participant?


  • Read and watch all the resources allocated to the Core Participants.

  • Invite your friends to participate together and form a small group by yourself to go through the assigned topics each week.

  • Conduct further research to the topics assigned to you.

  • Learn everything about the speakers featured in our program.

  • Make sure you use every opportunity to ask questions during the main session! 


11. If I registered as an independent participant, can I still participate in breakout sessions?


  • No. Breakout sessions are opened for CORE Participants only.

12. How can I attend the Asia Ability Virtual Summit Challenge? I am willing to pay for it.

  • Unfortunately, the Asia Ability Virtual Summit Challenge is reserved only for the Core Participants only. You can apply to be a Core Participant and be eligible to attend as a Core Participant, if you get a spot.


13. Will I be refunded if I change my mind? 

  • Refunds will only be provided 7 days prior to the start of the summit. Please consider carefully before registering, as no refund will be provided after that.


14. Once the program has ended and I have attended all sessions, where can I get my certificate?

  • For Scholarship Students

    • We will be arranging for a presentation ceremony with the respective sponsors at your school in 2022, when physical attendance at school resumes. You will be notified by then. 

  • For Private Students

    • You will be notified of a location in January for pick up. 


15. What if I don’t have a computer, phone and or Wifi Data?

  • Wifi Data

    • Please talk to us if you have such concerns. We may be able to assist with free data plans up to 10 gigabytes from Progresif, depending on availability of resources.

  • Sorry, we do not have any solution on your devices at this stage. Please speak to your school.

Core VS General

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