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For Core Participants

FAQ for General Participants click here.

1. When is the deadline for registration? What if I missed my deadline?

  • 1st December 2021. 

  • Your position will be given to those who are on the waiting list for Core Participant.


2. What if I don’t have a computer, phone and or Wifi Data?

  • Our sponsor, Progresif will be providing up to 10 Gigabytes of free mobile data. We will be providing more information soon.

  • Sorry, we do not have any solution on your devices at this stage. Please speak to your school.


3. How do I qualify for a certificate?

  • You will need to attend all 4 main sessions of BIBD YES! program.


4. Will I be graded based on the quality of my assignment?

  • No. Assignments are provided to solely amplify the participants’ learning experience so that they can benefit from in-depth research and discussion.

5. How do I get the most out of the BIBD YES! Program?

  • Read and watch all the resources allocated to your team and all other teams.

  • Be active and generous with your contribution during your breakout group.

  • Volunteer to do more, and help your fellow students to hone your leadership skills.

  • Be proactive in engaging your mentor, you’d never know if you’d make such a good impression that he will hire you one day! 

6. What is the difference between General and Core Participants?

7. Can you tell us more about Asia Ability - Summit Challenge?

  • Asia Ability is one of Asia's top leadership & teamwork coaching organisation. They will be conducting a 2 hour session in the morning of 18 December from 9.30am to 11.30am on a virtual gaming activity on teamwork and communications as added value to the Core Participants at no extra cost.

  • You can learn about the challenge here

  • The course is valued at BND 50 / per person - available for the Core Participants for free.


8. Will I be getting my certificate if I don’t take part in the Asia Ability Summit Challenge?

  • No. You will need to participate in all main sessions allocated for you. 


9. Can my friends who are not EDGE students join as a Core Participant?

  • Yes, only if we have extra space. They can opt in to the waiting list as a Core Participant in their registration here.


10. How much is the fee for Core Participant?

  • The ticket is valued at $150. 

  • 180 slots have been fully paid for by our generous sponsors.

11. I understand that we will be broken into groups during the entire 3 weeks. Will I have to form the groups myself?

  • You will already be assigned to a team at the start of the program.



12. What if I don’t like the group I am in?

  • You will need to learn to adapt and communicate your concerns with your team leader about the issues you are facing and seek his / her help to resolve the issue.  


13. What if I can’t join my group meeting?

  • You will need to inform your team leader.

  • While breakout attendance will not affect your ability to receive Certificates, you will be missing out on important learning and networking opportunities.


14. How do I know what to do in my team meetings? 

  • A clear and comprehensive Assignment Guideline will be provided to you during your pre-event briefing.

  • You will be invited to nominate yourself for the role that you wish to take part in. 


15. Will the mentors be joining all of the group meetings and discussions?

  • No. They are only invited to join a minimum of 30 minutes of the breakout session before your main presentation to provide you support and feedback. You will be provided the Mentor’s contact details, and be required to invite him for this meeting.

  • Your mentor will also be invited to provide a 10 minutes deliberation of the topic after your presentation. 


16. Do I need to present every week?

  • No. Each team will have ONE opportunity to present during the entire session. You will be given a roster in the assignment guideline.


17. Do I still need to attend breakout meetings if my team is not presenting at the main session?

  • Yes. You are recommended to discuss with your team and learn about ALL the topics assigned for different groups on top of your specific presentation topic.


18. Once the program has ended and I have attended all sessions, where can I get my certificate?

  • We will be arranging for a presentation ceremony with the respective sponsors at your school in 2022, when physical attendance at school resumes. You will be notified by then. 

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